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Retina Institute of Karnataka is the premiere hospital which aims at providing comprehensive eye care to the patients with special focus on treating diseases of the vitreous, retina and macula. In this web site we provide you with the information regarding our hospital, services offered and some of the common diseases of the eye.....

Established in 1996 as a super-speciality retina centre, Retina Institute of Karnataka has now emerged as a super-speciality eye hospital providing total eye care.

Mission - Retina institute of Karnataka aspires to be one of the leading eye care centres in Karnataka by giving quality care to patients.

Vision – RIK is committed to deliver quality eye care is patient-centric environment. The emphasis is on providing ethical and evidence based care. The doctors and the staff strive to provide care in a compassionate manner. While every effort is made to keep the waiting time to minimum, no compromise is made in doing what is best for the patient.

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OPD Procedures

The basic tests that the patients are likely to encounter during a routine eye examination includes visual acuity testing, refraction (Estimation of power of spectacles of individual), slit lamp examination, tonometry, dilated retinal examination and other necessary tests, which are prescribed according to the condition of the patient's eye.  It may take 1 to 2 hours for a complete eye examination.



RIK has a well equipped operation theatre for performing all types of eye surgeries. Phacoemulsification for cataract and vitrectomy for retinal diseases are the main types of surgeries undertaken in RIK. Stringent aseptic techniques and sterilization methods ensure that the infection rate is kept far below the accepted standard. Most surgeries are done as day care surgeries.


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